West Linn High School Performing Arts Dept. Set and Lighting Design (and co-direction) PIPPIN by Hirson/Schwartz – Spring 1999 The set was co-designed with my co-director, Cheryl Cantwell, with Costume Design by Cheryl Cantwell.  It featured a raked stage, timbered beams, and downstage left and right were two “turrets” as additional performance areas.  […]


Lincoln High School Performing Arts Dept. Set and Lighting Design GODSPELL by Stephen Schwartz – Fall 1998. Directed by Jim Peerenboom. The overall concept for this production was innocence.  The opening moments (Prologue/”Tower of Babel”) had scenery of chain-link fence, graffiti-covered sheet metal, and basic dirt and grime.  Pretty much how most concepts for […]


Lakewood Theatre Company Lighting Design BEEHIVE by Larry Gallagher – 1996 Directed by Stan Foote. Set Design by Chris Whitten. Travel through 60’s and 70’s pop tunes by the day’s most influential female artists.