Disney’s Beauty & The Beast

Reynolds High School Performing Arts Dept.
Lighting & Set Design


Directed by Laurie Martin-Cohn. Set and Lights by Jon Ares. Scenic Painting by Mark Loring.
Other than renting the village drop from Tobins Lake Studios, everything else was built onsite. Mark Loring, an incredible designer and painter in his own right, taught the students many wonderful techniques which really brought the show together. Due to budget and time constraints, there were only a couple of things that weren’t built (the tavern) or finished correctly. Overall, the show was quite stunning, though. Since I have my own theatre program to run, and was also directing a show at the same time, Reynolds started construction in the summer, and I tech’ed the lighting about a week and a half before the show opened. Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of the set with actors onstage in costume, so unfortunately these pictures seem a little dead to me.