Into The Woods

West Linn High School Performing Arts Program
Set and Lighting Design

INTO THE WOODS by Lapine and Sondheim – Fall 2013

Directed and designed by Jon Ares. Choreography by Robert Head. Costume Design by Grace O’Malley. Sound Design by Corbin Wescott.
Vocal Direction by Kaeli Porter, Orchestra Directed by Kevin Egan.

I wanted a certain stylized look for the “woods.” I didn’t want super-realistic, as I get tired of that look that is attempted… and, I’m not fond of the over-done fairy tale look, as well. I decided to go with angled platforms, at various pitches, across the stage, akin to leaves haphazardly strewn across the forest floor. (There were also stylized maple leaves stenciled on the platforms.) Platforms were basic 2×4 construction, with sound board on top, and wrapped in muslin. This keeps the “thunky” drumming sound to a minimum. There was also a track in the level platforms, Stage Right, for the cow and hen, to enter/exit on. (We attempted to build a cow, but gave up and borrowed one.)