Radio KLINn – On The Air

West Linn High School Performing Arts Dept.
Set and Lighting Design

RADIO KLINn ON THE AIR by Alan H. King – November 2001

Written & Directed by Alan H. King. Costume Design by Cheryl Cantwell. Set & Light Design by Jon Ares.
Radio KLINn — On The Air was conceived to give the students an opportunity to craft a ‘live radio broadcast’ from the West Linn HS Little Theatre.
The setting was 1940’s wartime in West Linn, Oregon, and the script was filled with news reports, radio dramas, comedies, commercial jingles, and of course in-studio romance and chaos.
Scenically, the set was a realistic small-town radio station, with a studio audience. Not apparent in the images are the functional ON THE AIR and APPLAUSE signs. The control booth (practical for sound and lights) was located onstage, with the ‘real’ stage manager in costume. A Foley table was on set, with all sound effects done live, naturally. The organ was also used.
The walls were dotted with war propaganda posters, and (not seen in these pictures) a period 48-star US flag.