West Linn High School Fine & Performing Arts Dept.
Lighting & Set Design

RECKLESS – December 2006

Directed by Annie Kaiser, Costume Design by Cheryl Cantwell, Sound Design by Corbin Wescott.
Inaugurating our new black box Studio Theatre, this ‘cheery’ holiday play was a lot of fun. The set was basically just a backing of flats, each set on a slight angle pointing towards center. The closer they got to center, the more they were tipped, giving a sense of both a skewed view (funhouse-style), but also a sense of claustrophobia for the actors. The colors were inspired by the colors of Christmas lights. The lighting color palette was cool overall (being winter, and always being less than ‘family warm’ for Rachel, this time of year) – but warmed up for the game show in such a way it was kind of uncomfortable.