Sweeney Todd

Capital Playhouse, Olympia, Washington.
Set Design (and Direction)

SWEENEY TODD – THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET by Stephen Sondheim & Hugh Wheeler – Fall 2000.

These are the computer-rendered images of the set as-designed.  At this time I have no pictures of the realized set, partly because it was not fully-realized, as designed, due to various reasons.  But — the essence was there.
The overall feeling is one of the Industrial Revolution in London after the turn of the (19th) century — the trusswork of the theatre space was utilized with the look.  The set was filled with I-beams of iron (wood, actually) with layers of rust and rivets.   Weathered wood was also a predominant element, as was the vacuu-form brick on the Stage Left factory building.
The upstage alley featured a factory-like skylight that was backlit (black tricot, with 20mil Visqueen over that — worked great).  The orchestra was SR behind the unit with the grills.  (The grills were both for acoustic reasons, as well as a playing area for Fogg’s Asylum inmates.  The grills were backed with black tricot.)