The Provoked Wife

West Linn High School Performing Arts Dept.
Set and Lighting Design

THE PROVOKED WIFE by John Vanbrugh
March 2017

Directed by Steven Beckingham. Costume Design by Jessica Carr.

Steven wanted to give the students an opportunity to perform in a Period piece, replete with period costume (although he couldn’t help but introduce some flavor of the 1980s Decade of Excess, which fit perfectly with the bawdy, social-mocking form of Restoration Comedy).

“Back in the day” of Restoration, the excesses of society were reflected in extreme detail in the costume, but the scenery was quite opulent as well, though not necessarily reflecting accuracy in location.  It was more important to have a “beautiful” set than one that realistically reflected a park or a tavern, for example.  In that vein, I went with a “jewel box” of a unit set, with fanciful details reflective of the period.

This was the  first set model I tried 3D printing (picture in the gallery).