The Trial

By Franz Kafka
Adapted by Kenneth Albers

West Linn High School Performing Arts Dept.
Set & Lighting Design (and Direction)

March 2018

Directed and Designed by Jon Ares, Sound Design by Dylan Jahnson, Costume Design by Elyse Grimaldi

Kafka’s “Kafka-esque” novel “The Trial” was excellently adapted to the stage by Kenneth Albers, and I wanted to ensure the dystopian feeling was communicated through the set, lighting, sound, and costume design. Going for a sort of Cold War/East German vibe, Elyse’s costumes and Dylan’s incredible cinematic soundscape went very well with the “Brutalist” style of architecture of the set. Panels moved, were back-lit, and shadowy, steep lighting added to the “no way out” feeling of Kafka’s text.