Wizard of Oz Projection Rentals

Projection Materials

for The Wizard of Oz

These projection materials for The Wizard of Oz have been used in productions all over the United States, and around the world…. professional theatres, community theatres and high schools alike.

The most popular elements (or the “Basic” Oz projection package) usually consists of the Twister in the distance (see the first photo), the sequence of the house going up and the ‘dream’ sequence inside (complete with flying cow, chickens, rowboat, granny, etc), flying monkeys in front of a moon, and the house flying back up towards Kansas.

The “Kansas” scenes can be provided in black and white, or sepia, your choice. The flying monkeys are in color, and the house flying back to Kansas starts in color, but turns back to black and white (or sepia).

These projections are available to you in one of two ways: DVD media (which runs like a normal DVD from any DVD player or DVD-ROM on a computer) or as separate MPEG-2 files, to be played back from a media server, or computer-based playback device (like QLab).

DVD is the preferred media for most users, which allows for precise cueing and high-quality output, but some users have more tools available, and might prefer the separate video clips. (NOTE: DVD materials are only available for US customers.)

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PLEASE NOTE: You MUST try to reserve the Oz projection materials at least ONE MONTH before you need them. There is a limited number of sets, and most theatres reserve these many months in advance. There are contracts to sign, invoices to receive, etc, and if you have an immediate need for the materials, I may not have any available, or there may not be time. Please book early. International orders: The DVD materials are NOT available outside the United States. Due to the unreliability of domestic and international shippers, the DVD materials are only available in the United States.  Digital video files ARE available to customers outside the United States.

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